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The Farming Game® "The Game Invented On the Seat of a Tractor" - Now for PC, Mac, and Linux!
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School Pricing for The Farming Game® - Software Edition for PC, Mac, & Linux

Screenshots of The Farming Game® - Software Edition Schools automatically get a 25% discount off the retail price. This increases to as much as 50% for larger quantities. All pricing is per computer, and yes, you can combine orders for multiple schools to get a larger discount. Contact us if ordering in quantities of more than 100.

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Quantity Price
10-19 $14.95 ea.
20-29 $13.95 ea.
30-39 $12.95 ea.
39-49 $11.95 ea.
50-74 $10.95 ea.
75+ $9.95 ea.

Schools should issue purchase orders using the following information:

Seller Game Masterminds
1731 Smizer Mill Rd.
Fenton, MO 63026
Product The Farming Game® Software Edition
Price (see above)

Fax to (636) 225-0743, or email as a scan or PDF to sales@thefarminggame.net.

Be sure to include an email address! We will issue you a download link so you can start installing as soon as possible.

Payment terms are net 30, with a 2% discount if paid within the first 10 days. Late payments accrue 2% interest per month.

If you have any comments about the game, or suggestions on how we can improve it to better serve your classroom, please be sure to let us know! We expect to have a traditional board game mode implemented before the fall semester, in addition to the full-3D gameplay that's already there. Download links are refreshed on every major update, so you will be able to take advantage of new content immediately as it appears.

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