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Movie Clips from The Farming Game® - Software Edition for PC, Mac, & Linux

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The official Farming Game trailer. See how to build a farm, view selected animated sequences, and more! With music from the game.

Hay bales fall from the sky, stacking neatly in front of your barn. The stack is higher if your farm has a better harvest.

Wheat grows as harvesters charge across the screen collecting it. There are more harvesters and more patches of wheat if your farm has a better harvest.

Fruit (oranges, in this case) grow to ripeness and then pop off the trees, to fall in neat patterns on the ground. There are more trees and more oranges on each tree if your farm has a better harvest.

A large milk jug fills up inside your barn. More milk means your farm has a better harvest.

"Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!" Mt. St. Helens blows and spreads ash (and in this case, pretty fireballs) all over the landscape. Just not on you, thankfully.
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