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Screenshot Contest for The Farming Game® - Software Edition for PC, Mac, & Linux

Decorative Farm from The Farming Game® - Software Edition Think you're creative? Then prove it! Build the best farm you can, take a screenshot, and email it to us at contests@thefarminggame.net. All entries received by June 30th will be judged, and the top three winners will receive their choice of either a free copy of The Farming Game® - Software Edition, or its equivalent in cash.

Entry Deadline: June 30th, 2013

Entry Format: JPEG, preferably large and high-quality

Max Entries: As many as you want (as long as they're unique)

Required Information: Just your name and email, unless you are looking to win the cash, in which case your address should be included as well.

That's all there is to it!

Applicable Hotkeys & Movement

Full Screen / Windowed Mode Control-F
Screenshot Mode F8 (removes the header menu, allows you to place unlimited items and tilt the view, etc.)
Zoom In + or Keypad + or Scroll Wheel
Zoom Out - or Keypad - or Scroll Wheel
Rotate Left Q or Keypad 7 or Right Mouse Button
Rotate Right E or Keypad 9 or Right Mouse Button
Move Up W or Up Arrow or Keypad 8 or Left Mouse Button
Move Down S or Down Arrow or Keypad 5 or Left Mouse Button
Move Left A or Left Arrow or Keypad 4 or Left Mouse Button
Move Right D or Right Arrow or Keypad 6 or Left Mouse Button
Select Item Double-Click
Rotate Item Right Mouse Button
Remove Item Esc
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