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The Farming Game® "The Game Invented On the Seat of a Tractor" - Now for PC, Mac, and Linux!
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The Farming Game® Software Edition for PC, Mac, & Linux

Screenshots of The Farming Game® - Software Edition Since 1979, more than 350,000 copies of The Farming Game® board game ("The Game Invented on the Seat of a Tractor") have been sold around the world. Now, after over three decades, The Farming Game® is finally here for PC, Mac, and Linux! Find out why The Farming Game® is so popular with board game players, and has received rave reviews from schools, teacher's associations, and farming bureaus.

  • Play with up to six "weekend farmers" and/or computer AI's

  • Personalize your farm in full 3D, with placement control over everything you buy

  • Dozens of animations for everything from harvests to Farmer's Fate (watch out for volcanic eruptions!)

  • Full achievement system

  • Try out new buildings and crop bonuses in Enhanced mode

  • Perfect for any child (or adult) with basic math and reading skills.


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Every player starts the game with 20 acres of farmland inherited from Grandpa, $5,000 in cash, and $5,000 in debt (the cash is a loan to keep you afloat the first year). As the year progresses, you gain options to buy more cows, hay, wheat, fruit, tractors, harvesters, and land, and can even place buildings (barn, silo, windmill, etc.) Havests may be rewarding, but watch out for operating expenses or Farmer's Fate! Those pesky insects and droughts have done in many a farmer at the end of his or her credit line. The first player to $250,000 wins!

Both educational and easygoing, the Farming Game® is the perfect game to play with friends and family. Learn the realities of operating a farm while having fun organizing it in full 3D! And at only $19.95 $17.95, it's the perfect gift for your family.


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Praise for The Farming Game Board Game

"Deep down inside I have always wanted to be a farmer - this game gives me a chance to at least pretend a little."

Phil M.

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